Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Infamous: second son

Ps4 Infamous Second Son
Infamous: second son takes place 7 years after Infamous 2, you play the role of Delsin Rowe, a graffiti artist who finds out he has a very unique conduit power that allows him to absorb the powers of other conduits, when he tries to help people stuck on a burning bus. After he saves the passengers he is then hunted down by the D.U.P.

One of the best features of this game is the moral choice system its like having two games for one, you get different story lines and powers depending on weather you choose to be good or bad, added to that is the total open ended world you can travel around causing mayhem and destruction where ever you go. 

I am a big fan of this IP and i will think this game will do well, it has a well grounded back story, open world game play, and great game mechanics, this game is one you should be looking for in your bundle when you pre order your console, or if its not there i would recommend pre ordering along side your console.



My first piece will be on the game i am most looking forward to Destiny. It is a FPS set on earth sometime in the future, there has been a cataclysmic event that has brought humanity to the verge of extinction, all that remains is The City the last basin of mankind protected by a shield left by "The Traveler". The Guardians where given powers by the traveler to protect the city from the hordes of aliens that have attacked the city over the many years, now these brave soldiers are leaving the safety of the city to find answers and reclaim Earth for mankind.

Game play

Destiny is a FPS with a element of RPG your in a open world matched up with players of the same level working solo, with friends or anybody whose roaming around the world with you to complete Public events, here is a link to a live demo from E3 where they have to defeat a Devil walker in a public event.

Players will start in The City which will act like the central hub for players, you will have your own spaceship which you will use to leave The City to get to the outside to do missions, your ship will be your mobile home where you can store loot and other spoils of war, bigger and better ships will also be available by reaching higher levels.

once i get my hands on a copy I will be writing a full review so stay tuned

The Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive PS4 Beta

If you have already pre ordered you PS4 the next thing you should be doing is along to The elder scrolls website and signing up for there beta, you will probably need to get a PS plus account too but that's worth it alone for the free games.

This is the MMO i have been waiting for, after giving up on PC gaming a few years ago due to cash flow problems, I have missed my fix of MMO's i got from great titles like SWG and WoW, i bought DCoU the day it came out and really enjoyed it until it turned FTP, after that i found it lacking and gave up hope on having my MMO fix on a regular basis, WoW and SW:TOR was not enough to make me fork out the cash for a new gaming rig, then i saw ESO and my jaw hit the floor this was it this is the game that would make me get a new rig, then last night i sat up watching the E3 press conference and all my Christmases and birthdays came at once ESO is on the PS4.

Now i have heard the debates all the way back to WoW years ago consoles are no place for consoles "you cant play with a pad" they said, now i don't know it these people never played on a PS3 before but i have a mouse and keyboard for my PS3 and am quite sure the PS4 will have the same support so i didnt see what there problem was, the only problem with console gamers is trying to make them understand why theres a monthly sub, this is what killed DCoU console players dont like subbing a game

ESO will have a subscription and i want to make this perfectly clear fo all those who have never played a sub based game before and have doubts, when you pay a £8.99 a month sub you get alot for your money every so often i like to say 2-3 months new content gets added to the game for free because of your sub so your basically getting a DLC every so often for subbing at no extra cost, the only time you will have to pay extra is when a Xpac is released these are huge updates consisting of new lands, playable races, level cap increase and tons of new quests and story lines. so dont be put of by subs embrace them and you will be pleasantly suprised

The Dark Sorcerer

Sony released this monster of a video played on a PS4 in real time, this is what your going to be seeing when your playing your favorite games from now on, you will forget that there pixels and will be thinking your watching real time video while playing, by the end of this video i was sitting in a puddle of drool it really took my breath away.

i cant wait to see what Quantic Dream come out with in the future, i have high hopes for them and i will bet my left leg they will deliver the goods.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

PS4 truth from the rumours

There's a lot of rumours flying around the Internet about the PS4 at the moment, so here's a few facts to help people better understand the truth from the rumours.

There is no DRM system side, this means Sony will not enforce you to buy new games only, stop you from lending or giving your old games to friends or family or selling them on after you have finished with them. You won't need to have a Internet connection to play your games nor will there be any kind of 24h Internet check. The only DRM type of restriction there would ever be, would be from the publishers them selves in the form of online passes which where all used to.

You now have to subscribe to PS+ to play multiplayer, but its not all doom and gloom there are many benefits to having a subscription. First of its cheep as chips less than £5 a month, but the best part in the deal is the instant collection, you will get on average 3-5 games a month for free asking as your subscription is in order, there not just bargain bin crap either there has been some AAA titles such as ME3, Hitman absolution, Batman Arkham city, and sleeping dogs to name but a few. If that's not enough to make you sub I don't know what is!

There are over 140 games to be released by the end of 2014 with plenty of exclusive games and exclusive content for cross platform games too.

Thank you for reading and if there are any more questions please feel free to let me know